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Chroma offers modularity, allowing for easy customization and adaptability through its Communigate.

NetSwitch capability allows for easy connectivity changes as per requirements.

The SwapCore feature enables upgrading processing cores for enhanced performance.

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Data Security

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Data transfer is secured through HTTPS encryption with keypairs.

Our data is hosted on a highly secure cloud server.

Strict access controls and authentication protocols ensure that only authorized users can access the data.

2FA Can be enabled or disabled to strengthen user account security.

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Chroma connects to on-site sensors, logs data, and communicates with iNSIGHT, even during network interruptions, ensuring data integrity.







water sensor
Thermometer with Temperature Measurement
Electricity and Power - Power Meter
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wireless connection

wired connection



WIFI / 4G / 5G

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Chroma provides a secure and reliable connection between your on-site sensors and the iNSIGHT platform.

It can handle large amounts of data and ensure its integrity even in case of network interruptions.

Chroma logs all the data from your sensors and provides real-time monitoring and analytics.

Easily integrate your existing sensors into the iNSIGHT platform and leverage its powerful features.

The frontend of iNSIGHT is a user interactive webpage built with Angular-9.

IoT framework powered by Java, Node.js, PostgreSQL, and Apache Cassandra.

The frontend and backend

of iNSIGHT communicate through RESTful APIs.

WIFI / 4G / 5G

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  • Collecting data from Chroma and other sensors
  • Monitoring data in various forms and modules
  • Controlling data through user interactive webpage and IoT framework
  • Analyzing data to identify patterns and trends

serves as a centralized hub

Visualizing Data

Real-time Monitoring for Efficiency

Remote Control and Automation

Custom Alerts for Timely Action

allows users to set up custom alerts via email, SMS, or third- party integrations like Telegram

Your Gateway to Smart Industry Solutions

Effortless Connectivity, Unlimited Potential

Seamlessly adaptable for diverse industry applications, including water monitoring, energy monitoring, food security, smart factory, smart city, environment monitoring, gas monitoring, and oil & and gas.

Water Monitoring

Smart City Design

Smart City

electricity meter home measurement

Energy Monitoring

Environment Monitoring

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Food Security

natural gas meter icon

Gases Monitoring

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Smart Factory

oil rig

Oil & Gas


MFS-CHROMA is not just a device; it's a comprehensive solution that empowers industries to optimize operations, enhance productivity, and ensure regulatory compliance. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, it's the perfect choice for businesses aiming to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Unlock the Potential of Smart Industrial Solutions with MFS-CHROMA

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